Fortnite: The Game The World Is Playing

Boy is playing Fortnite game on Samsung phone

Video games are indeed the best way to relax after a hectic day. Be it a normal, uncomplicated game or more advanced games, playing video games has indeed proved out to be one of the most effective solutions to many problems.

This is contrary to the popular belief that video games badly impact your mental health and your eyes. Of course, as we know anything in excess is indeed harmful. However, the calculated intake is always beneficial. Like everything else, this is also the case with video games. Here are a few more reasons why you should make video games a part of your daily life.

Benefits of video games

Increases hand- eye coordination

The best video games will require you to make quick and timely actions. This would require you to have good hand-eye coordination. If you play video games consistently for a while, you will notice a substantial difference in your hand-eye coordination.

Improves concentration

Video games are perceived to be harmful to one’s concentration. However, it is far from the truth. To be truly efficient in a video game, you will have to have lots of concentration. Many experts claim that playing a video game for a calculated time every day may help immensely with attention disorders. However, this may or may not work for many people.


Many people claim that playing video games has turned out to be extremely beneficial for their anxiety. It takes your mind off things and hence is calming and relaxing.

Now that you know the many benefits of video gaming, let us talk about one of the many games that are a rage among people of all age groups these days. We are talking about the amazing multi-player video game, Fortnite.

Fortnite is one of the most played games these days. This game was developed by Epic Games. This game belongs to the genre of combat. No, a combat game doesn’t necessarily have to be a gory game with lots of bloodsheds.

A combat game can also be a densely strategic game that requires a lot of attention, planning, and strategy. If you are looking for a very immersive gaming experience then Fortnite is the game for you.

This game has three modes or versions that can be brought.

They are:

  • Fortnite “Save the world”: This version or mode of Fortnite can be played by a maximum of four members. In this shooter-survivor game, the four players have to survive while fighting of devious zombies.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale: This version of Fortnite is also multiplayer however; it can accommodate more players than the previous model. Here up to 100 players from anywhere around the world will fight each other to be the last man standing.
  • Fortnite creative: This mode of the game as the name suggests, allows the gamer to be more creative with his gaming. In this mode, you can create your worlds and battle arenas.


Games like Fortnite are almost always free of charge, however, they always have an in-game currency that can be used to purchase all kinds of items to get an advantage over regular players. Fortnite is no different, they have a currency called V-Bucks.

You can buy them with real money or you can use Fortnite hack websites like this German website to get them for free. Please use them at your own risk, as it is obviously not allowed by Epic Games to use these kind of cheats!

Looking at the amazing features of Fortnite, it is a must-buy for you. Being fellow gamers ourselves, we would recommend this for kids and adults alike.

Tips and Tricks to Play Better in Fortnite

Gamer playing Fortnite game on Nintendo Switch

While playing Fortnite there are some of the core tips that help to win the game.

These tips are effective for both pro and rookie players. These tips are not only for winning the game, but they also help you to survive in the game. This game is all about surviving, those who survive for the longer period they can even win the specific game.

Brace yourself forgetting some of the important tips that will make sure the survival as well as winning.

Tips to play better

Tip 1

You should pay immense attention to the rarity scale. All the weapons are differentiated based on the rarity scale. Most common, with green, blue, purple, and gold being the ascending order of rarity. The more the rarity scale more will be the damage caused to enemies.

Purchasing more weapons with V-Bucks is a great option as well. You can use Fortnite hacks to get them without paying anything.

Tip 2

There are some of the preferred ways for the combat. It is very important to take covers behind anything while combatting or shooting. It provides a cover that helps in minimal damage. This is one of the effective and preferred ways of playing this game.

Tip 3

Keep this in mind, if you are falling from a 3 storey building, then it will cause substantial loss to your health. This could be a major loss or may cause death if your health is minimal. Try to use the staircase and while on the cliff of hills gradual sliding can help you a lot.

Tip 4

Always try to acquire upper ground while shooting the enemies from the distance. This doesn’t only save you from the sight of enemies, but also provides you time for retreating.

These are some of the tips that help you in winning the game and surviving. This provides you a unique level of gaming experience. Best of luck with your game.

Play a Decision Maker in Journeys: Interactive Series

Journeys: Interactive Series

Most of the games that we play involve the player putting his best efforts and hoping to win. How would it be if you had the power to control every next move of the game? How would you feel if you left nothing to chance?

You get to decide the path the game takes. You decide how it all ends. How would you feel? You can try it for yourself and see what you feel like. The game Journeys: Interactive Series is an interactive game that gives the player the power to steer the game in a direction they desire.

Gameplay and game features

Journeys: Interactive Series has got interactive gameplay. You get to experience romance, mystery, drama, adventure all in one game.

This is not just any journey. This is your journey. You are the master who decides how the story goes. It is based on the famous Linda Brown romance and mystery story game.

  • There are hundreds of stories to choose from. Select one that you find intriguing.
  • Your characters are lovable and seductive. Try to build a good relationship with them. Experience love and romance.
  • At every step of the story, you are provided with choices. Each choice will steer the game in a different direction. Take your chances or play it safe! Play it the way you want to.
  • The game environment gives you the feel of a live-action series. The visuals are eye-catchy and stunning.
  • Every week, the developers release a new set of episodes. These stories are crafted by award-winning writers! They will undoubtedly keep you hooked!
  • Although the game is free to play, you can purchase additional parts of the game which are paid services.

Described below are some of the interesting episodes that currently feature in Journeys: Interactive series

  1. Roommates – You are put in a room with 5 other mates – all young men and women. You face different challenges. There will be tensions and fights. But there will also be love and romance. How the roommates deal with all of these forms the story.
  2. Zoe: Salomon’s Creek – Zoe is in a new mysterious town. She needs to make friends at her new school. At the same time, she discovers some new-found powers and tries to control them.
  3. Zoe: Africa’s heart – Zoe has moved to New York to lead a simple life – away from all the magical powers. But she can’t stay away for long. Her fate leads her to an investigation that will lead her back to her powers.
  4. Linda Brown – A popular singer in New York visits Rio for a friend’s wedding. This turns out to be an adventure of a lifetime. You are in charge of helping Linda take her music career forward and also finding love.
  5. Princess by accident – The meeting between a princess and a car racer gives the princess a tough time. She has a successful career, but will she risk it for the incredibly attractive car racer?

If you love being the man in control, Journeys: Interactive Series is the game for you!

Hearthstone – Battles and Cards


Card games have always been favorites among people of all ages. Online card games have only made it possible to play at a wider scale with players from all over the world. These online card games have put forward a platform for all card game lovers to play together.

They have also improvised the card games into different versions and types of card games. One such card game that will make you its fan after just one game is Hearthstone. This card game is already there on top with some of the most popular card games played online.

About the gameplay

The Hearthstone is a collectable card game that hundreds of players all over the world. The game offers several powerful cards. Make sure you collect them all to create mighty and powerful decks. There will be battles to be fought in this card game against your fellow players.

Make sure you defeat them all and move on to victory. The battlegrounds in this game will keep changing. So make use of the various spells so that you will get the control of the ever-shifting battlegrounds. You can also summon minions to help you with various tasks.

Game features

This collectable card game of Hearthstone has many features that make it truly unique. You can practice your skills by fighting against computer-controlled heroes. You also get the chance to play with fierce competitors from all around the world.

There is a new update which allows 8 players to take on the roles of familiar heroes from the history of WoW and play in Hearthstone.The game also gives you a bunch of introductory missions that will get you all ready for the big game.

After this, you will be just seconds away from the real game of Hearthstone. There are exciting rewards to be claimed if you win the duels with fellow competitors. This game of Hearthstone can be easily transferred from your mobile devices to your desktop, making it easier for you to play it whenever, wherever.

The other details of the game

While you are playing with your fellow players and competing with them, make use of masterful strategies to defeat them. One can experience many different zones in this card game such as magic, mayhem and even mischief.

Clash and battle it out with your friends. The Warcraft universe of Hearthstone will keep expanding day by day. The minion characters in this game have amazing skills and powers, so make sure you harness those abilities. You can do so by building decks out of the cards you have collected.


To conclude, this collectable card game is one of the most interesting games available on an online platform these days. Hearthstone is the perfect game that allows you to duel with fellow players, battle it out and pave your way into victory. So what are you waiting for? Download this free-to-play app that will have you engaged in no time.

Say Goodbye to Boredom with Gardenscapes


Are you someone looking for a game with a unique concept? Well, we have got your back.

Sometimes one just wants to relax and have some fun time playing a game. In such a case, you can simply install Gardenscapes. It is a fun game that anyone can enjoy playing. To know more, make sure to read till the end.

About Gameplay

This game revolves around a plot of restoring a wonderful garden. There are many twists and turns to be faced by the player to ensure the garden gets back to its glory. Your butler is there to help you out with the process but you may have to think hard to solve all the new hurdles coming your way.

You can also decorate some areas of the garden according to your preference to ensure it’s a great area to spend time in. There are many characters in this one which you will get to know about when you play it. It gets updated from time to time to ensure you don’t have any problem playing.


This game was launched in 2016 and has had millions of downloads since then. One can enjoy a lot in this one because it just doesn’t let you get bored. You will encounter one problem after the other and will have to make sure you reach your goal.

Gardenscapes has 3 different levels, do you have the ability to clear them all? You can also end up making your dream garden in this one and that too for free. Get access to some of its unique features which will help you in making the garden look better with the in-app purchases. The price range is much lesser than the other games out there and you will enjoy it.


Gardenscapes comes with hundreds of unique match-3 levels that keep the fun going. There are many characters in the game with whom you can connect. It also has an adorable puppy which will always be your side. You can also enjoy playing this one offline.

Connect to Facebook and make your friends your neighbors in the game. The garden is divided into different areas, all of which have problems of their own. Suitable for everyone above the age of 3, you surely won’t be disappointed.

So be the superhero and make the garden a better one. You can discover a lot because it also mysterious mazes and a huge mansion to visit. You may also end up winning huge prices by collecting the Easter eggs in mid-April.


Gardenscapes is worth all the time you spend playing on this one. It has one twist after another which keeps you entertained most of the time. You will find this game quite addicting and would want to continue playing for as long as you can.

So join your friends in this amazing journey and see who has a better garden. It is free to play a game which you can enjoy anytime you want to. So wait no more and install it today!