Hearthstone – Battles and Cards


Card games have always been favorites among people of all ages. Online card games have only made it possible to play at a wider scale with players from all over the world. These online card games have put forward a platform for all card game lovers to play together.

They have also improvised the card games into different versions and types of card games. One such card game that will make you its fan after just one game is Hearthstone. This card game is already there on top with some of the most popular card games played online.

About the gameplay

The Hearthstone is a collectable card game that hundreds of players all over the world. The game offers several powerful cards. Make sure you collect them all to create mighty and powerful decks. There will be battles to be fought in this card game against your fellow players.

Make sure you defeat them all and move on to victory. The battlegrounds in this game will keep changing. So make use of the various spells so that you will get the control of the ever-shifting battlegrounds. You can also summon minions to help you with various tasks.

Game features

This collectable card game of Hearthstone has many features that make it truly unique. You can practice your skills by fighting against computer-controlled heroes. You also get the chance to play with fierce competitors from all around the world.

There is a new update which allows 8 players to take on the roles of familiar heroes from the history of WoW and play in Hearthstone.The game also gives you a bunch of introductory missions that will get you all ready for the big game.

After this, you will be just seconds away from the real game of Hearthstone. There are exciting rewards to be claimed if you win the duels with fellow competitors. This game of Hearthstone can be easily transferred from your mobile devices to your desktop, making it easier for you to play it whenever, wherever.

The other details of the game

While you are playing with your fellow players and competing with them, make use of masterful strategies to defeat them. One can experience many different zones in this card game such as magic, mayhem and even mischief.

Clash and battle it out with your friends. The Warcraft universe of Hearthstone will keep expanding day by day. The minion characters in this game have amazing skills and powers, so make sure you harness those abilities. You can do so by building decks out of the cards you have collected.


To conclude, this collectable card game is one of the most interesting games available on an online platform these days. Hearthstone is the perfect game that allows you to duel with fellow players, battle it out and pave your way into victory. So what are you waiting for? Download this free-to-play app that will have you engaged in no time.