Play a Decision Maker in Journeys: Interactive Series

Journeys: Interactive Series

Most of the games that we play involve the player putting his best efforts and hoping to win. How would it be if you had the power to control every next move of the game? How would you feel if you left nothing to chance?

You get to decide the path the game takes. You decide how it all ends. How would you feel? You can try it for yourself and see what you feel like. The game Journeys: Interactive Series is an interactive game that gives the player the power to steer the game in a direction they desire.

Gameplay and game features

Journeys: Interactive Series has got interactive gameplay. You get to experience romance, mystery, drama, adventure all in one game.

This is not just any journey. This is your journey. You are the master who decides how the story goes. It is based on the famous Linda Brown romance and mystery story game.

  • There are hundreds of stories to choose from. Select one that you find intriguing.
  • Your characters are lovable and seductive. Try to build a good relationship with them. Experience love and romance.
  • At every step of the story, you are provided with choices. Each choice will steer the game in a different direction. Take your chances or play it safe! Play it the way you want to.
  • The game environment gives you the feel of a live-action series. The visuals are eye-catchy and stunning.
  • Every week, the developers release a new set of episodes. These stories are crafted by award-winning writers! They will undoubtedly keep you hooked!
  • Although the game is free to play, you can purchase additional parts of the game which are paid services.

Described below are some of the interesting episodes that currently feature in Journeys: Interactive series

  1. Roommates – You are put in a room with 5 other mates – all young men and women. You face different challenges. There will be tensions and fights. But there will also be love and romance. How the roommates deal with all of these forms the story.
  2. Zoe: Salomon’s Creek – Zoe is in a new mysterious town. She needs to make friends at her new school. At the same time, she discovers some new-found powers and tries to control them.
  3. Zoe: Africa’s heart – Zoe has moved to New York to lead a simple life – away from all the magical powers. But she can’t stay away for long. Her fate leads her to an investigation that will lead her back to her powers.
  4. Linda Brown – A popular singer in New York visits Rio for a friend’s wedding. This turns out to be an adventure of a lifetime. You are in charge of helping Linda take her music career forward and also finding love.
  5. Princess by accident – The meeting between a princess and a car racer gives the princess a tough time. She has a successful career, but will she risk it for the incredibly attractive car racer?

If you love being the man in control, Journeys: Interactive Series is the game for you!