Tips and Tricks to Play Better in Fortnite

Gamer playing Fortnite game on Nintendo Switch

While playing Fortnite there are some of the core tips that help to win the game.

These tips are effective for both pro and rookie players. These tips are not only for winning the game, but they also help you to survive in the game. This game is all about surviving, those who survive for the longer period they can even win the specific game.

Brace yourself forgetting some of the important tips that will make sure the survival as well as winning.

Tips to play better

Tip 1

You should pay immense attention to the rarity scale. All the weapons are differentiated based on the rarity scale. Most common, with green, blue, purple, and gold being the ascending order of rarity. The more the rarity scale more will be the damage caused to enemies.

Purchasing more weapons with V-Bucks is a great option as well. You can use Fortnite hacks to get them without paying anything.

Tip 2

There are some of the preferred ways for the combat. It is very important to take covers behind anything while combatting or shooting. It provides a cover that helps in minimal damage. This is one of the effective and preferred ways of playing this game.

Tip 3

Keep this in mind, if you are falling from a 3 storey building, then it will cause substantial loss to your health. This could be a major loss or may cause death if your health is minimal. Try to use the staircase and while on the cliff of hills gradual sliding can help you a lot.

Tip 4

Always try to acquire upper ground while shooting the enemies from the distance. This doesn’t only save you from the sight of enemies, but also provides you time for retreating.

These are some of the tips that help you in winning the game and surviving. This provides you a unique level of gaming experience. Best of luck with your game.